WTH is this?!

Has anyone experienced a handwriting change in adulthood? The left is my handwriting in 2015, and the right is current. This was brought up because my husband and I were talking and I had this memory bubble which I had to share. I pulled out a notebook from 2015 to show him the difference. He […]

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“This pattern must be obvious to those around me, because all my life I have been admonished,” Be patient.”  -Living your yoga, Judith Lasater p. 90 Patience is a virtue that I do not naturally possess.  It is with time and awareness that I have become more present in each moment, which in turn helps […]

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Well Hi!

Hello! I am a 39 year old mom, wife, and superhero in sobriety. I’m just getting started with my life and my career. Who says you can’t start your life at 40? Well, here I am doing it and I want to share my experience, strength, and hope with you so that you might find […]

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