Here we GROW again

Hello Gorgeous! I am so happy to be here with you today! Things have been muddy lately and not just from the rain. I have and will continually be working on my growth and inner peace, and I want to share some of my motivation with you. Growth can be messy, awkward, frustrating, and uncomfortable. […]

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Building Body Acceptance

Hello Beautiful, It has been 30 days since I started round two of slim naturally meditation and I want to follow up. Do you struggle with accepting and loving your body the way it is? Do you hear negative self-talk of the ego every time you look into a mirror or catch a glimpse of […]

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Into The Unknown

As I peered in towards the back of the closet, I felt fear of the unknown creeping up on me.  This space has not been cleaned in years, and I have no idea what I might find. There are so many things packed in this space, it’s like Monica’s closet from Friends.  Before I get […]

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“Pride makes us artificial, and humility makes us real.” –Thomas Merton  Humility can mean many things to many people.  One way that I practice humility is by being able to accept when I am wrong.  I practice patience and compassion towards myself compared to becoming closed off, and defensive.  Having humility is not my first […]


Whoa There Nelly!

Hello beautiful friends!  This week let’s talk about rest and relaxation. Savasana in Sanskrit means corpse pose.  Judith Lassiter states “The purpose of this pose is to become “dead” to the outer world so that you can become more alive to your inner world.” When I first started practicing yoga I avoided this posture, and […]

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Hello Beautiful Friends, Do you struggle with body image and have tried it all diet wise to feel good? I am fed up with all the diets and books, but most of all I’m fed up with the negative self-talk.  Can you relate or know someone who can? In the recent weeks, my body acceptance […]

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Perspective A story from Judith Hanson Lasater, Living your yoga pg.46 One day a monk was walking by the banks of a lake and found an abandoned rowboat. He spent the next several months lovingly restoring it. Finally, the day came to launch it on the clear waters of the lake.  As he began to […]

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WTH is this?!

Has anyone experienced a handwriting change in adulthood? The left is my handwriting in 2015, and the right is current. This was brought up because my husband and I were talking and I had this memory bubble which I had to share. I pulled out a notebook from 2015 to show him the difference. He […]

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“This pattern must be obvious to those around me, because all my life I have been admonished,” Be patient.”  -Living your yoga, Judith Lasater p. 90 Patience is a virtue that I do not naturally possess.  It is with time and awareness that I have become more present in each moment, which in turn helps […]

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Well Hi!

Hello! I am a 39 year old mom, wife, and superhero in sobriety. I’m just getting started with my life and my career. Who says you can’t start your life at 40? Well, here I am doing it and I want to share my experience, strength, and hope with you so that you might find […]

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